Victim Support – End Bullying Globally

Victim Support - End Bullying Globally

Le Antonio’s Foundation END BULLYING GLOBALLY is here for you

  • Are you being bullied?
  • Do you think that you are being bullied-Not really sure if you are?
  • Do you know someone that is being bullied?
  • Have you witnessed something that looked like bullying?
  • Is there someone in danger?
  • Are you in Danger?

Effects of Bullying

Bullying affects the victim physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Bullying can change the life course of a young person when there is no outlet to vent his feelings. Not every child will report that they are being bullied to an adult, the school officials, or their parents. Many times this issue will be reported by someone else (another child or friend of the victim, or relative of the victim), who may want to remain anonymous. However, they often miss the opportunity to help the victim. Their reports are often made at later stages in the victimization. Most of the time the damage was done by the time a serious bullying incident is reported.

Identifying victims of bullying

Victims of bullying can display hurt and fear in many ways. Some victimized students begin to isolate themselves, hiding to get away from it all physically and emotionally. They exhibit anxiety, aggression, sadness, fear, agitation, and sadness. There will be several behavioral changes, such as change in school patterns, change in work patterns, change in eating patterns, loss of interest in activities in activities they once enjoyed, sleeping more than normal or not sleeping as well, sudden change in friends, drop in their grades and extra studies, skip school, miss classes, drop out of school, and even suicide.

Reporting about a bullying victim helps us help a victim

If you are a bullying victim, contact Le Antonio’s Foundation immediately and we will help and support you to get over the problem. Le Antonio’s Foundation is all geared up to help the victim in multiple ways. We also request witnesses or other people to report bullying immediate to us.