Support Group – End Bullying Globally

Support Group - End Bullying Globally

Le Antonio’s Foundation’s End Bullying Globally division has decided to organize and establish Anti-Bullying Support Groups in schools to benefit students and youths. The aim of Anti-Bullying Support Groups in each school is to monitor incidents leading to bullying, provide counseling, intervention, education, support, behavior modification, mentoring, ongoing awareness and other assistance as needed. The foundations will train the anti-bullying support groups in all aspects of bullying to function effectively.

With Anti-Bullying Support Groups on the ground in various schools, we will be able to identify the victims and provide counseling, support, intervention and eliminate the root cause of the bullying. Anti-bullying groups will create a stable environment for the students with love and mentoring.

The impact of bullying on society is greater than may be obvious. When bullying is not identified and corrected, bullies become misdirected adults who have no regard for authority and the law, feels rejected and reject or abuse their spouses, children, and families. They are generally low producers in society. The victims of bullying can often fail to mature in their full potentials while in their primary and secondary school years, therefore becoming adults who live with life long emotional scars and damages resulting in their low contribution to their society. Some victims never overcome their childhood hurt, fear, rejection, aggression, anxiety, and have difficulty moving forward as adults. Adults who were victims of childhood or adolescent bullying are often unaware that their principal issues with confrontation were left behind from their childhood spiritual and emotional disturbance. Witnesses of bullying can experience some of the same effects as the victims, and exhibit some of the same effects as the bullies, and become fearful low-producers in their society.

Victim Support - End Bullying Globally

Victim Support – End Bullying Globally

Le Antonio’s Foundation End Bullying Globally initiative will not only provide ongoing education to the students in the public schools but will have an open door and hot-line for anyone to report the action of bullying or any action resembling bullying. Our campaign goes into the schools and educating the students on bullying and the effects of this action on their lives, we motivate the youths and will get them involved in taking care of each other in the prevention of bullying. They will know how to get help, where to go and who to report bullying to. All information on bullying will be thoroughly investigated by the Foundation. The End Bullying Globally initiative is a community outreach and will not only serve the schools but the youths and families living in the inner-city communities – our doors are open to our community.