Owing to high levels of poverty, many young boys in Montego Bay end up joining gangs. Very often, the disadvantages faced during early childhood, primarily lack financial support, results in subsequent problems during adolescence. Girls frequently become victims of the widespread sexual violence as a result of seeking monetary support. Child labour remains a problem in Montego Bay and the wider society. Young boys sell merchandise in the streets, wash car windshields or resort to begging in order to survive.

Many children in Montego Bay have known nothing but war, deprivation and fear. They aren’t in school and often struggle to find the basic essentials – their lives and futures at risk.

When you sponsor a child, you achieve and promote a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community where the Le Antonio’s Foundation caring professionals are helping to change the future. Sponsorship provides essential aid and education to improve the well-being of children. It gives you the opportunity to witness young lives transformed for the future. When you sponsor a child, two lives are changed: a child's and yours!

To further encourage inner-city children in Montego Bay, St. James that their current situation does not define their future, the Le Antonio’s Foundation has launched a new initiative ‘Sponsor a Child’ that places emphasis and priority on thirty inner-city children in Montego Bay who are experiencing unfortunate living conditions or crippling poverty.

The Sponsor a Child Initiative will attract sponsors to support one or more of the thirty inner-city children who will be showcased on the Le Antonio’s Foundation website (www.leantoniosfoundation.com). Donations from the sponsors will solely be channeled to the selected recipient, whether for medical, financial or educational purposes.

If needs are, sponsors will be allowed to interact with their selected recipients and the parent. The Le Antonio’s Foundation has pledged to make it a priority to present donations received from different supporters, to the thirty selected inner-city children then to the wider community.

The Le Antonio’s Support a Child Initiative will definitely strive to serve humanity by placing a priority on the thirty unfortunate inner-city children in Montego Bay.

Every child deserves a strong start – the best chance for a successful future.


Le Antonio’s Foundation is a Jamaican registered charitable organization established in December 2013 with Registration Number: CA100-258C. The foundation was founded by Mr. Antonio McKoy, which aims to provide avenues to empower the lives of the children, youth, and families in the lower socioeconomic neighborhoods.


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