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Leaders of Jamaican nationality can be found in many fields worldwide. We are undoubtedly people with inborn leadership abilities, known to occupy the front and centre focus in whatever sector or circumstances we are placed in. As with any area destabilized by lack of opportunities, this inborn leadership can be channelled negatively. Le Antonio’s Foundation acknowledges the talents of the inner-city teens and youths and has rolled out a Positive Leadership Programme.

Le Antonio's Foundation Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership for High School Students: we believe that we can intercept the youths who would are prone to be recruited into gangs or to choose lifestyles that will blight their future as productive citizens. Our Leadership programme will partner with high schools to identify students that are willing to benefit from positive leadership. Students will be vetted and recommended by the school or parent(s), through their school, to be a member of the programme.

Le Antonio's Foundation - Jamaica - Positive Leadership Program

Positive Leadership for Displaced Youths: many young men and women roam the streets of Montego Bay with no direction or hope. At our Resouce Centre, youths between the ages of 18-24 can be recommended or identified by the community, as needing positive reinforcement. If these young persons are willing to put in the time and work necessary to create change in their lives, they will be allowed to enter our Positive Leadership Program. In the programme, they will meet mentors who will assist them in creating goals to get back on track and introduce them to opportunities that can secure a stabilized future.

The Foundation will seek sponsorship and donations to provide the youths enrolled in the Positive Leadership Programme with weekly stipends.

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A positive leader for high school students is an adult, whether currently attending college or employed. The leader should be able to foresee how the high school students’ lives can be improved through direct activity. Also is a person who rallies the teen to move toward that better vision. Positive leaders carry the ability to focus on many or a specific area and work towards making the vision that they see for the youth a reality. A leader must be able to manage his or her own life, visions and goals before leading any other person.

Just being able to motivate people isn’t enough — leaders need to be empathetic and connect with the youths to be successful. Leaders don’t have to come from the same background or follow the same path. Future leaders will be more diverse, which brings a variety of perspectives.

Some examples of Positive Leadership for the inner-city students are — working with the students to attain their high school credentials. Partnering with your place of business to assist the students in gaining work experience, partnering with your college to speak with the students on the requirements for college entrance.


A leader for displaced youths is an adult who is currently attending college or working. Who can foresee how the youths’ lives can be improved through direct activity. The leader should rally the youths to move toward a better vision. Positive leaders can focus on many or one specific area, and work towards making the vision that they see for the youths a reality. A leader must be able to manage his or her own life, visions and goals before leading any other person.

Some examples of positive leadership for the displaced inner-city youths are — leaders working with the youths on attaining their high school credentials and government IDs, guiding them on enrollment into training or trade programs, and assisting them with resume building, grooming and job preparation. The Leader can also partner with his or her place of business to assist the youths in gaining work experience, also, partner with his or her college to meet with the youths regarding the requirements for college entrance, or guiding the youths into entrepreneurship.

Le Antonio’s Foundation will work with the leaders in placing illiterate youths into literacy programs.

Positive Leaders in the Le Antonio’s Foundation

The Positive Leadership role is voluntary. Volunteer leaders will lead a group of displaced youths or high-school students, assess their needs and create practical goals, visions and timeline.

Leaders will work closely with the Le Antonio’s Foundation, the schools and the student or displaced youths, to achieve the goals set by the leader. Each Positive Leader will make a six-months commitment to steer the student toward attainable goals.


Are you a positive leader who can offer inner-city teens or youths assistance with preparing for their future? This is your opportunity to give back and impact the lives of young persons! Contact us today to volunteer for our Positive Leadership Programme, or to learn more about this opportunity.

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We are non-government funded and dependent on your donations and sponsorship. Please help us to provide for the displaced youths and students in our Positive Leadership Programme. Your donations and sponsorship will be used to cover the administrative cost and stipends for the youths. Please contact us today.

For donations, please visit our donation page, thank you.