Le Antonio’s Foundation Mentorship Programme

The Le Antonio's Foundation Mentorship Program

President and Founder of the Le Antonio’s Foundation, Antonio Mckoy credits his humanitarianism and life lessons to mentorship and relationships with positive men and women, who have impacted his life from his youth to adulthood, and still do today. He believes that the youths in the communities of the Foundation can benefit from the opportunity to learn from and emulate positive leaders.

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With the Foundation’s new structure as a Resource Centre, we are moving ahead to select youths for our Mentorship Programme.

The young men and women will enter the programme through a screening process, with recommendations from a notable member of the community. They will pass a police background check and a drug screening test. This is a community effort that will partner with our local police, clinics, schools, clergy and other officials to validate the mentee into our programme.

Qualities we look for in our young mentees

• A willingness to learn about themselves
• A willingness to learn from others’ experience
• Commitment to their personal growth
• Good listening skills
• An open mind and a willingness to try new things
• An ability to accept feedback and learn from it
• Respect for other people’s time and effort
• A clear commitment to being mentored
• A willingness to be responsible for a positive relationship with the mentor
• Openness, honesty and trustworthiness


We are seeking mentors! Can you offer a young person a better perspective on life, or help them develop life-skills and other talents? Can you be an advisor and role model for a younger person? Mentorship is a great way of giving back. You will gain the reward of changing a child’s life and may have great pleasure while doing it. You may end up with a friend for the rest of your life, someone that respects and honours you!

Who is a Mentor

A mentor is a person with a professional and positive life-experience, who voluntarily agrees to help a mentee develop skills, competencies, or goals. A mentor is a person who is willing to invest in the mentee’s personal growth and professional development.

Mentors are more than role models

The myth is that “a mentor” is just another word for a role model. Yes, mentors are expected to be role models for their mentees in many areas, such as relating to peers, school-life balance, and ethics. However, just being a role model would not make you a mentor to a teen. Being a mentor means interacting with a mentee, providing support, advice, and feedback to the mentee. Mentorship requires direct involvement with the mentee.

Le Antonio's Foundation Mentorship

What makes a good mentor?

• A desire to help others succeed
• A willingness to pass along information
• A willingness to give and receive feedback
• A desire to teach and learn from someone else
• A desire to engage with others on an interpersonal level
• A motivation to mentor
• Good listening and communication skills
• Good questioning skills
• Good common sense
• Good people management and leadership skills
• Self-confidence and self-awareness
• Strong ethics
• Lack of prejudice
• Openness, honesty and trustworthiness
• Patience
• Empathy

The Foundation is seeking to partner with upstanding men and women to be a mentor to a teen living in the inner-cities that we serve. The mentor must be a professional and, or a leader who is willing to be available for their mentee. The mentor is expected to attend life-events with the teen, introduce him or her to positive new concepts, build trust and equal respect. The mentor must be able to financially accept the responsibility for travel and leisure expenses with the young person.

All mentorship positions are voluntary. Le Antonio’s Foundation is not offering any payment to the mentor for this role. The mentor-mentee relationship is a 12-months commitment. Before agreeing to enter into a mentoring relationship, you must believe the prospective mentee possesses qualities that will increase the likelihood that he/she will benefit from the relationship. You will be able to review the profile of the person you are matched with and interview him or her before entering into a mentor commitment.

All mentors must pass a background check and drug screening. No one is allowed to be a mentor with a present or recent history of mental illness, drug abuse, physical abuse, battery, child abuse, a sexual act with any child or any violent criminal history.

The mentors will be responsible to the Foundation and their mentees and must give a monthly update on the development of the youth. The Foundation will keep in touch with the mentee while in the mentorship program, but will not monitor the daily activity of the mentor and mentee.

Can You Mentor a Youth? We are looking for you!

If you believe that you can make a difference with one of our mentees, contact us to review full profile on the young man or woman. Please contact our office directly to speak with Mr Mckoy.

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