Le Antonio’s Foundation – Homework and Art Programme

Le Antonio's Foundation Afterschool Homework Programme


Our Homework Programme under the Le Antonio’s Anti-Bullying Resource Centre provides a space where children of the lower-income families in the community of Barnett Lane, Railway Lane and its environs can receive free extra help in core subjects after school. With this free programme, our organization has developed solutions, using our resources, to ensure that proper support is given to each student enrolled in our After School Homework Program.

The Resource Centre provides a safe, stable and nurturing environment where youths can receive adequate help in math, reading and writing through the Homework Program.

Students enrolled in the Afterschool Homework Program are checked into the Centre daily, and receive assistance with homework by volunteer educators.

The Homework Programme enrols students in the 1st grade through the 12th grade. Students in upper classes are also allowed to use the Centre as a safe place for studies after school.

Le Antonio's Foundation Afterschool Homework - Programme

The programme aims to not only provide assistance to the students who need literacy help and homework tutoring but also to provide a safe environment for students who may be at risk if left home alone.


Le Antonio’s Foundation Art Club is now the Le Antonios Foundation Anti-Bullying Centre Art Programme. This programme is created to allow the inner-city youths to express their creativity through art, drama and dance. It is said that art can develop a person’s brain to be prepared for any circumstance in life.

Students interested in the arts will enrol in the programme. Under the guidance of art educators, they will explore the art of their interest, be encouraged to build and express their creativity.

The Centre will display the artworks and of our young artist and also host community events to highlight the young artist and their talents.


Le Antonio's Foundation After School Homework Programme Sponsor

We need your donations and sponsorship to support our Homework and Art Programme. Your financial help will cover administrative costs, teachers and aids stipends, school supplies and art supplies and any other additional cost.

To become a sponsor or partner, please contact Mr Mckoy directly at 876-353-1389 or [email protected] You may also use the form below to contact us. For direct donations, please visit our Donate Page.


Le Antonio's Foundation After School Homework Programme Volunteer

Are you an educator or an aid, or a student with college proficiency in basic math, English and art? We would like to hear from you if you would like to volunteer to help our students learn and grow.

Please contact us today to find out about the benefits of being a volunteer educator at Le Antonio’s Foundation.