Le Antonios Foundation End Bullying Globally Programme

The End Bullying Globally Programme provides intervention, counselling and prevention mechanisms to support the youths affected by bullying. Although young people are our primary focus, our scope of bullying goes beyond the youths. We intend to educate parents, caretakers, community leader, religious leaders and educators on the effects of bullying on our society at large. The Programme has met and interviewed many adults from various paths, who were affected by the “monster called bullying.” Some adults are now abusers, while, some continue to accept bullying because acceptance was engrained from their childhood. Realizing that bullying is a serious issue worldwide, our organization became dedicated to being both a voice and an outlet for the youths suffering from this form of abuse.

Anti-Bullying Forum - 2018

Anti-Bullying Forum – 2018

The Foundation directors decided that the best way to tackle the epidemic of bullying, which is affecting the Jamaican youths is to form an educational campaign to bring to light the traumatizing effects of bullying. The End Bullying Globally Campaign, as a part of the overall Programme, was established in 2016 to tackle media reports of growing numbers of youths dropping out of schools, committing suicides, and engaging in violent acts — as a result of being bullied.

End Bullying Globally Campaign

Anti-Bullying School Campaign in Jamaica

Anti-Bullying School Campaign in Jamaica

The End Bullying Globally Campaign educates students and youths about the ill-effects of bullying. The Campaign seeks to bring awareness of the harmful effects of bullying on the student population — where bullying is most concentrated. End Bullying Globally Campaign volunteer ambassadors visit the public Primary Schools, Junior-High Schools, and High Schools to presents an Anti-Bullying and Conflict Resolution education session to the students. At the end of the presentation, the students are asked to voluntarily sign and keep a pledge card, affirming that to choose anti-bullying actions and bring to their teacher’s attention any suspicion or knowledge of bullying. During the End Bullying Globally Campaign school visits, children as young as third (3rd) graders are taught by the volunteer Ambassadors, how to identify bullying, and what to do if they are victims or witnesses. Students are taught how to deal with bullying and resolve conflict situations peacefully without any violence and harm.

Youth Ambassadors

The End Bullying Globally trains Youth Ambassadors to deliver the message of anti-bullying to other youths in their communities, via social media, text messages and face to face talks nationwide.

School Ambassadors

The End Bullying Globally School Ambassadors will spearhead the implementation of the anti-bullying club in every school in each parish. They will host monthly meetings at their schools, and create confidential atmospheres within the schools. They will be the Programmes link to connecting with their peers, to report any form of bullying identified.