Dr. Julian Walters – Bullying is very Pervasive

Dr. Julian Walters - Bullying is very Pervasive

“Bullying is very pervasive, not just in Jamaica, but globally. The effects are far-reaching and insidious as it does not only affect the victims but the bullies themselves, as well as bystanders. That is why I am encouraged and inspired that Antonio McKoy of Le Antonio‘s Foundation has started the “End Bullying Globally” campaign. Some of the goals of the campaign are: to create a safe and supportive environment for ALL students; to train and support teachers and other school staff in nonviolent methods of discipline; and training of community stakeholders such as police officers and security personnel in dealing with victims and bullies not just in the moment, but long-term as well. It is an honor to partner with the End Bullying Globally campaign to help achieve those goals”.

Dr. Julian Walters

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist