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NAME: Le Antonio’s Foundation.

LOCATION: Montego Bay, Jamaica.

BUSINESS: Jamaican registered charitable organization.

ESTABLISHED: December 2013.


FOUNDER: Antonio Mckoy of Mckoy’s News.

AIM: To provide avenues which empower the lives of the children, youth and families in the lower socioeconomic neighborhoods of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

VEHICLE OF OPERATION: Charitable programs which provide humanitarian needs of homework assistance, donations of food and toiletries, weekly meal, youth programs, art development, mentorship, educate against bullying and abuse.

BENEFIT: Designed to assist and uplift the inner-city children, youths, and elderly.

FUNDING: Non-government funding or affiliation. Le Antonio’s Foundation depends on sponsorship, donations, partnership, and volunteers to run our programs.

Le Antonio’s Foundation commitment is being an educational hub that inspires lifelong learning through education, training, mentoring, opportunities and wellness to youths who are without present hope, living in neglected inner-cities or less-fortunate rural communities.

Le Antonio’s Foundation is an educational, life-affirming organization. We exist to witness the youths within the communities that we serve, develop well rounded crime-free characters, as well as, completion of primary, secondary and tertiary education, leading to successful adults.

Le Antonio’s Foundation’s efforts are all based upon these core values:

  • We believe leaders are created as children and not necessarily born leaders.  
  • We believe that everyone is designed to live a meaningful life.
  • We believe that through fortunate life-connections, anyone can rise above any circumstance.
  • We accept cultural diversity, but acknowledge that we are no different from each other.
  • We are community-minded. Our life-purpose involves compassion and action to serve others in need.


Scholarship Initiative

Scholarship Initiative

The scholarship department within Le Antonio’s Foundation Anti-Bullying Resource Centre will enhance the student-professional possibilities of the brightest and most ambitious students within the inner cities

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